Trying to make sense of prescription drug coverage can be confusing. Our Benefits Discussion Guide can help you figure out your plan, which allows you to be a better advocate for yourself and get the most affordable access possible. Download our Benefits Discussion Guide to:

  • Learn more about your insurance and what it might cover

  • See what’s needed to cover COPAXONE®

  • Find out who to ask if you have more questions

  • View additional programs to help you start and stay on COPAXONE®

Plus, enrolling in COPAXONE Co-Pay Solutions® could lower your costs even further. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about questions specific to your coverage.

Download Guide

View frequently asked questions about insurance benefits for and gaining access to COPAXONE® therapy.

  • What if my insurance co-pay changes?
    For eligible COPAXONE® patients, COPAXONE Co-Pay Solutions® may be able to help lower your co-pay. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • What does glatiramer acetate injection cost?
    Contact your pharmacy for actual out-of-pocket costs for your prescription.

  • Are generic options of COPAXONE® more affordable?
    Contact your pharmacy for actual out-of-pocket costs for your prescription.

  • Is COPAXONE® covered by Medicare?
    Talk to your doctor about evaluating Medicare Part D plans in order to help you understand your coverage for COPAXONE®, as well as any other medications you may be taking.

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