Record and track on the go! Our customizable mobile app lets you track your injections instantly and efficiently with your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, or Android™ device.

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Teva's Shared Solutions® cares about empowering you to stay committed to your COPAXONE® therapy

We can connect you with resources, people, and programs to help you obtain knowledge about COPAXONE® and RMS. We can provide ways for you to stay current on the latest RMS management tools and Teva's COPAXONE® developments, while creating opportunities for you to meet and interact with others who are also living with RMS.

Stay informed and connected with relapsing MS education

Teva-trained nurses run live events and educational teleconferences in your area, allowing you to connect with your peers and build a support network in the MS community. These workshops can help you

  • Learn about symptom management and the benefits of staying committed to COPAXONE® therapy
  • Learn how to adjust to the changes in your day-to-day routines that may affect your injection regimen, and to reconfigure your injection schedule as needed
  • Learn practical and empowering strategies to help prevent injection fatigue
  • Understand new and different injection devices/methods
  • Stay informed about relapsing MS and overall wellness
  • Get information on coverage for COPAXONE® to help make sure that financial matters do not affect your treatment goals
  • Get connected to Teva's Shared Solutions® for resources and tools for managing and tracking injections
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