Training, tracking, and preparation tips for managing your relapsing MS therapy with COPAXONE®.

Getting started with COPAXONE®.

How to Start

An introduction to the free assistance that COPAXONE® is known for, with Teva’s Shared Solutions® and the original autoject®2 for glass syringe.

Pick your path
Preparation for COPAXONE® injection including before, during, and after checklist.


Your complete before, during, and after checklist, including training assistance for COPAXONE® patients throughout their MS experience.

Be prepared
COPAXONE® injection training for injections, guidance for travel, storing, and disposal of supplies.

Injection Training for COPAXONE®

Convenient tips for injecting COPAXONE®, plus guidance for travel, storing, and disposing of supplies.

Get expert tips
Injection tracking with Teva's COPAXONE iTracker® 2.0 app for MS therapy.

Injection Tracking

The COPAXONE iTracker® 2.0 is your app-y place for keeping MS therapy on track, from recording your injections to customizing information for your next appointment.

Download the app
COPAXONE® and generics, receiving the prescribed RMS prescription from your doctor.

COPAXONE® and Generics

Information you need to know to ensure you receive your prescribed RMS medication from your doctor—and your pharmacy.

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