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Living with MS

Connect with your community

No matter how long you’ve been on therapy, you can always benefit from staying connected to the multiple sclerosis (MS) community. Shared Solutions® can provide ways for you to stay current on the latest relapsing MS management tools and Teva’s COPAXONE® (glatiramer acetate injection) developments, while creating opportunities to meet and interact with others who are also living with relapsing MS.

Empower yourself with your commitment to therapy and to knowledge

You may already be aware of or have participated in

  • Free teleconferences covering topics and issues related to living with relapsing MS and the latest updates in relapsing MS therapy
  • Live educational seminars in different cities led by medical experts and thought leaders in the MS community
  • Local events and support programs
  • Newsletters that discuss staying committed to therapy, managing symptoms, and your overall well-being
  • MS Peer Program* (for one-on-one support)

Stay informed and connected with the MS community through educational programs and events.

Get connected with Lift MS

Join Lift MS, a patient community hosted by Teva Neuroscience, Inc. Lift MS provides information and encouragement by connecting you with others whose lives are affected by RMS. You can also visit the Lift MS blog for more up to date content. Through education, information, and empowerment we hope to give you the Lift you need.
Find Lift MS on Facebook today at
Find the Lift MS blog at

Reach out to someone like you living with relapsing MS

Connecting with those who can truly understand what it's like to live with relapsing MS can make a difference in the way you manage relapsing MS and in the way you set your goals and expectations.

Talking to someone you can relate to can make a difference, no matter where you are in your therapy experience. You can share your feelings and experiences, discuss important issues, and hear encouraging words from someone else living with relapsing MS.

That's why Teva’s Shared Solutions® offers the MS Peer* Program—in hopes that connecting with your peers can encourage and inspire you.

Let us match you up with an MS Peer* today

When you call Shared Solutions® at 1-800-887-8100 and request to be connected with an MS Peer*, we’ll ask you a few questions—then match you with a person with relapsing MS whose interests, life stage, and therapy experience are similar and most relevant to yours. Your MS Peer* can offer valuable perspectives, personal support in living with MS, and the helpful reminder that you’re not alone.

Talking to your peers can be inspiring and encouraging.

“I enjoy being a Shared Solutions® MS Peer* and look forward to making connections. Everyone has different experiences and they’re all amazing. I feel that I get as much out of the phone calls as they do.”
- Dave A., MS Peer*
*MS Peers are compensated by Teva.


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