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Stay the course with a therapy you trust

When you choose a relapsing MS therapy, it should be one that you can feel confident in taking—so you can stay on track and meet your treatment goals. Teva’s COPAXONE® offers you a demonstrated tolerability profile so you can feel confident in the decision to stay committed to your relapsing MS therapy.

Teva’s COPAXONE® offers you a demonstrated tolerability profile1

  • In the large pivotal study for 3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg, side effects were usually mild in intensity
  • Approximately 3% of study participants treated with 3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg discontinued treatment because of a side effect

Tap into Teva’s Shared Solutions® to help you manage your injections with confidence

  • You can take steps to help possibly minimize injection site reactions. Whether you are just getting started, or are well along the way, Shared Solutions® can help you brush up on proper injection techniques and can provide practical strategies, innovative tools, and training to help make Teva’s COPAXONE® part of your routine.

Remember, a small change can make a big difference

There are a number of ways that Teva’s Shared Solutions® can help with your injections:

  • It can help you create a custom injection plan that will make your therapy part of your routine
  • It can introduce you to tools and resources that can help you keep track of your injection sites
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Find out how a small change can make a big difference with the support of Teva's Shared Solutions®.


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Make the move to 3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg.