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Financial Support

Teva's Shared Solutions® believes that you should not have to choose, interrupt, or discontinue your relapsing MS therapy because of financial reasons.

Teva's Shared Solutions® is strongly committed to helping you find affordable access to Teva's COPAXONE® therapy.

Personalized financial solutions for COPAXONE®

Teva's Shared Solutions® has a team of dedicated benefits specialists who research your coverage and insurance benefits, so you can be confident that someone is working to help you find affordable access to COPAXONE®.

Your Benefits Specialist can help you with:

  • Benefits investigation, to see if your plan covers Teva's COPAXONE®
  • Pharmacy benefits research, to help determine the most convenient way for you to receive Teva's COPAXONE®
  • Assistance with understanding your insurance benefits and any changes that can affect your coverage
  • Additional support, including assistance with navigating Medicare Part D
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Put your health plan information in one convenient place with the help of the Health Plan Tool.

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COPAXONE Co-pay Solutions®

There are many ways that Teva's Shared Solutions® can help you find affordable access to Teva's COPAXONE®. With COPAXONE Co-Pay Solutions®, commercially insured patients taking 3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg may lower their monthly out of pocket costs to $0. Terms and conditions apply.

Copaxone Co-Pay Solutions® $0 per month out of pocket

If you have insurance and would like to find out more about COPAXONE Co-pay Solutions®, call Teva's Shared Solutions today at 1-800-887-8100. Make sure you have your insurance card, prescription card, and income information available when you call.

  • No financial qualification and no paperwork required
  • If your commercial prescription insurance has recently changed, Teva's Shared Solutions® to see if you are eligible for COPAXONE Co-pay Solutions®

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about insurance.

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