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MS Peer Spotlight

An MS Peer talks about her experience with relapsing MS (RMS)

Dana and her family


  • MS Peer, compensated by Teva
  • Stay-at-home mom
  • Community volunteer
  • Dog owner

Though her doctors believed that her RMS had been dormant for years before her diagnosis, Dana's symptoms only first appeared after she gave birth to her son, Enzo. When she received her diagnosis, she was frightened for her future. "I felt like my life changed that day, and I would never be able to go back to yesterday." Today, Dana feels that her RMS diagnosis has helped her to recognize her priorities in life: her family, happiness, and volunteering.

When she had her son, Dana decided to leave behind her career as a corporate trainer to become a stay-at-home mother and dutiful volunteer in the community. Through volunteering, she is involved in her son's school, the public library, and her church.

While she enjoys helping and inspiring others, Dana also finds personal inspiration in her work as an MS Peer. "It's not one-sided at all—these callers have helped me, too." By sharing her story and hearing others' experiences in turn, Dana has been able to change her personal outlook on RMS. At Shared Solutions® educational events, she has found support and learned more about the importance of positivity.

Because I don't know my future, I truly try to seize every opportunity to do something meaningful and experience something new.

— Dana, MS Peer

Dana has taken advantage of Shared Solutions® throughout her therapy experience. Even now, Dana is on a first-name basis with many Teva-trained clinical nurses, whom she sees at regular Shared Solutions® hosted events.

Every evening at dinner, Dana encourages her family to share three things that they had been grateful for that day. She is grateful for every opportunity and for her close, loving family: her husband, who overcame his personal fears to help her with her treatment experience, and her 11-year-old son, who has attended several MS educational seminars with her. Even Dana's dog, Ferguson, helps motivate Dana to go on walks every day.


*MS Peers are compensated by Teva.





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