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MS Peer Spotlight

An MS Peer talks about her experience with relapsing MS (RMS)

A photo of Larissa


  • MS Peer, compensated by Teva
  • Mom of 2 young kids
  • Yoga enthusiast
  • Traveling sales professional

When Larissa was diagnosed with RMS in 2000, she saw it at first as a "challenge." She realized that her diagnosis meant things were going to be different and she was going to need to make some changes. With the advice of her doctor, Larissa adjusted her diet and exercise regimen. Her positive attitude, lifestyle adjustments, and new community connections have helped her find happiness and gratitude in life.

Larissa wants to make "the best out of every single day." When it's warm, she goes for walks. When it's colder, she practices yoga at home. With helpful resources from Shared Solutions®; she can be out, away, or with her children and know that she is always only a phone call away from the support she needs.

From her initial diagnosis, Larissa has taken advantage of the services available to her through Teva's Shared Solutions®; she appreciates the support that was "there whenever I needed to call."

When I was first diagnosed, I was so grateful for Teva's
Shared Solutions® They were there whenever I needed to
call. Whenever I had any questions, they sent me information.

— Larissa, MS Peer

Larissa is inspired to stay committed to her RMS therapy as instructed by her doctor. The love and support of her family drives her toward living as well as she can—a philosophy she aims to inspire in others by participating in the MS community, organizing and fund-raising for MS walks, and connecting with people as an MS Peer. "My motto is gratitude + happiness = transformation," she says, and she lives this motto in everything she does.


*MS Peers are compensated by Teva.





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