Record and track on the go! Our customizable mobile app lets you track your injections instantly and efficiently with your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, or Android™ device.

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Injection Tracking

Tools for managing your COPAXONE® (glatiramer acetate injection) injection schedule

Teva's Shared Solutions® has carefully and thoughtfully designed resources to help you stay on track with 3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg.

We've created innovative, interactive injection-tracking tools, such as the COPAXONE iTracker® for your phone and the COPAXONE webTracker for your desktop, to provide 24/7 injection tracking support between your office visits—and to help you maintain your injection routine.

COPAXONE iTracker® and COPAXONE webTracker™ offer:

  • Injection alerts to remind you when an injection is due and which area is scheduled for injection
  • Notifications if you miss or forget to record an injection
  • Injection area and site rotation tracking
  • Prescription refill alerts
  • Useful injection tips

An image showing the COPAXONE webTrackerTM

COPAXONE webTracker™ for your desktop

Track your injections and receive reminder messages. The COPAXONE webTracker™ is designed to help you manage your injections and keep you on track with your therapy routine. Making sure you take your injection can go a long way in helping you achieve your treatment goals. Sign up today! If you already have an MS Planner account, sign in to COPAXONE webTracker™ and confirm your injection settings.

Always consult your doctor with any questions and concerns about your relapsing MS and your therapy.

Go to COPAXONE webTracker™

Visit the App StoreSM or Google Play Store and download the COPAXONE iTracker®.

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COPAXONE iTracker® for your smart phone or tablet

Stay committed to your treatment when you’re on the go. This customizable mobile tool lets you track your injections instantly and efficiently with your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, or Android device.

With the COPAXONE iTracker®, you can connect directly with Teva’s Shared Solutions® for MS-certified nurse phone support, 24/7, and many support services that can help your injection and therapy experience.

Image of reminder stickers from Teva's Shared Solutions®

Reminder Stickers*

Mark your personal calendar with injection days to help you stay on track.

Call Shared Solutions® at 1-800-887-8100 to request Reminder Stickers.

*Available for 3-times-a-week COPAXONE® 40 mg only.

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