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About Relapsing MS

Understanding how relapsing forms of MS affect you

As a person who is newly diagnosed or has been living with a relapsing form of MS—relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis* (RRMS) or clinically isolated syndrome* (CIS)—it is natural that you may have a number of questions.

You may be thinking: What does this diagnosis mean to me and my family right now? What changes can I expect in my life? What treatments are available and appropriate for me? Read on.

Building your knowledge, building your confidence

This is an important time in the multiple sclerosis (MS) community as we continue to further our understanding of MS and the role the immune system plays in this disease. Staying in the know is a key strategy for building your confidence, as our understanding of relapsing MS and relapsing MS treatment continues to evolve and expand. Even if you already know how relapsing MS (relapsing-remitting MS or clinically isolated syndrome) affects your body and what some of your therapy options are, it is essential to continue learning about relapsing MS and to closely monitor new developments in therapy.

Learn more about our current understanding of relapsing MS and why early, continued treatment is so important. Use the information as a springboard for discussions with your health care provider and for your own research.

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